Recent Work

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  • "Leonard Was Strangely Nostalgic That Day But Didn't Know Why"
  • "Leonard Remembered Why"
  • "Last Drop, Now What?"
  • “Digging Artifacts”
  • "A Poor Man's Best Flower Friend"
  • "Make a Point of Harmonious Planting"
  • "My Dad's Detritus: Granite Wall"
  • "My Dad's Detritus: Junk Drawer, Virginia Apples Box and Other Stuff"
  • "Dispersion"
  • "Cataclysmic Forces Never Before Seen on Stage or Film"
  • "I...Am...A...Ro...Bot"
  • "Rotate Me Gently Dude"
  • "Wanted to Be a Star"
  • "Mistaken Identities"