Anthony Surratt is a Vermont-based artist whose abstract mixed media work explores the interplay of multiple layers of disparate materials he builds up and often excavates to reveal hidden fragments and surprise juxtapositions. Mining themes of nostalgia, sustainability, accumulation and decay, Surratt's paintings emerge out of an intense push-and-pull between addition and subtraction, construction and deconstruction, order and chaos, and discovered and discarded.

In 2023, Surratt received a Master of Fine Arts degree in Studio Art from Maine College of Art & Design. He holds a certificate in interior design from Parsons School of Design in New York City. He is a curatorial volunteer and artist member at Southern Vermont Arts Center and serves on the board of directors of Green Mountain Academy for Lifelong Learning. 

Before becoming a full-time artist, Surratt worked in the public relations and communications field for more than 25 years, primarily in the cable TV industry. View his portfolio and current works in progress on Instagram: @anthonysurratt_art.