"Bridging Dichotomies"

Employing remnants, and remnants of remnants, the installation explored a search for balance between dichotomies -- between addition and subtraction, construction and deconstruction, discarded and discovered, trash and treasure, order and chaos, and freedom and constraint.
Maine College of Art & Design
May 2022

  • "All the Seasons in One Day"
    Assemblage of paper, canvas, fabric, wood, metal, porcelain, and plexiglass--on birch panel, 52" x 54" 

  • "All the Seasons in One Day" (left)
    "Attic Light II"
    (right) -- assemblage of paper, canvas, and metal on birch panel, 30" x 40"

  • Installation view 1

  • Installation view 2

  • Installation view 3

  • Installation view 4