Well Worth the Drive

October 18, 2020

I am honored my painting “Garden Oasis” is being used to promote the Southern Vermont Arts Center All Member Exhibition this fall— shown here at the center’s entrance.

One of my favorite drives in Vermont is the winding climb up to Southern Vermont Arts Center. Turning off of Manchester West Road and beginning the trek up the hill, I always feel a creative calm—whether my view above the field introducing SVAC’s bold Sculpture Park is awash in gold and amber autumn leaves or the snow-covered bare limbs of winter.

Regardless the season, the culmination of your drive—with its many ascending switchbacks—is a beautiful, sprawling campus with stunning Green Mountain views in all directions. And, of course, galleries and galleries of art.

I’m proud to be an SVAC artist member. Recently I helped the staff and fellow volunteers hang the 2020 All Member Exhibition, which runs through January 3 in Yester House. Hanging art on gallery walls is an enjoyable, edifying project. I love witnessing exhibits take shape over several days—from the first tentative placement of pieces propped up against walls in their prospective spots, to a final exhibit that combines separate styles, sizes, colors, shapes, and mediums of art into a cohesive whole.

While admittedly I’m biased, I think the member exhibit is well worth the drive up the hill this fall. In addition to the gorgeous, colorful leaves, added inducement is the continuing “Women Take Wilson” exhibition in Wilson Museum, currently featuring intriguing art from Patty Hudak and Adrien Broom.